Airport Worker Operating Cargo Vehicle is Broadsided by Another Cargo Vehicle on the Airport Tarmac

Kenneth Halperin recently obtained a $975,000 settlement for an airport worker who was involved in a vehicular accident on the airport tarmac. This client came to us approximately four years after his accident when he became dissatisfied with his current attorney. When he came to see us his case was scheduled for trial in approximately six (6) weeks and the defendant had intimated that they would be willing to settle his case for approximately $60,000.

As a result of the accident, plaintiff sustained herniated discs and bulging discs to his lumbar and cervical spine. He has received extensive treatment over the years from orthopedists, neurologists and pain management specialists with little improvement. He was also unable to return to work since the accident because of his injuries.

When we reviewed the file we saw that the case had not been adequately prepared for trial. We were able to successfully mark the case off the trial calendar, so we can do further discovery. Over the next 10 months we retained an Accident Reconstruction expert to support our position on liability. We hired Vocational and Economic experts to establish plaintiff's lost wage claims since even though he had not returned to work since the accident no economic loss claim was ever made by the prior attorney.

We also filed motions to preclude multiple experts that the defendant had noticed because of the insufficiency of their expert exchanges. Finally, we also did an extensive workup of the plaintiff's medical claims by obtaining new reports from his doctors and sending him to other medical expert's.

A few months prior to trial the defendants requested that we attend a mediation to try and resolve the case. After several hours of negotiation a settlement in the amount of $975,000 was reached.

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