Attorney Stephen Wagner obtained $3,200,000 at mediation for our client, a 55-year-old union dock worker who was severely injured on the job.

Our client was injured while assembling an 80–90-pound section of a temporary metal staircase. He lifted the section above his head to put it in place, and it fell on his right shoulder. He did not fall to the ground. Consequently, the plaintiff underwent neck surgery, lower back surgery, a revision lower back surgery, and an arthroscopic repair to his right shoulder. The plaintiff never returned to work and applied for disability.

Mr. Wagner was able to achieve a multi-million-dollar outcome for our client despite several deleterious reports that blamed our client for the incident instead of the defendant construction manager corporation that failed to provide a hoisting device for the undertaking. The defendants also retained engineers who would have testified at trial that the job did not require the use of a hoist and that the plaintiff’s spinal surgeries were necessary due to degeneration, not getting struck by the section of the temporary metal staircase.

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