Delivery Truck Driver Injured in a Fall

WRSMH attorney Cliff Shapiro obtained a $1,050,000 recovery for our client, who was a truck driver making a concrete delivery when he fell on the defendant's property. Our client had removed a hose from the delivery truck and was walking backwards with it, when he fell into a hole that was supposed to be covered by a metal plate. The defendant had uncovered the plate and did not put it back properly, leaving a large gap into which the plaintiff fell. The case was handled up to the point of trial by attorney Bill Hepner, who conducted a mediation on the case, which aided in the case being settled for a significant amount. Non-binding mediations often get the ball rolling with respect to settlement. It is an opportunity for our attorneys to get the defendants' insurance companies to focus on the case, and to show them we are ready to go to trial.

Our client's injuries included arthroscopic surgery to his right shoulder (which had been injured 18 years prior) and a lower back fusion.

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