Premises Liability - Slip and Fall

Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP attorney Clifford Shapiro and Of Counsel Brielle Goldfaden obtained a settlement on behalf of our client, a 35 year old receptionist and mother of two, who slipped on stairs in a Queens building.

Our client was walking down the stairs at her apartment building when she stepped in grease and fell backward onto the cement stairs. We were able to establish that the owner of the apartment building failed to keep its property safe for its tenants. While the building typically had a live-in superintendant, he was not working due to the fact that it was a holiday. As a result, trash and grease that had spilled in the stairwell was simply left there for hours.

Her fall resulted in a neck injury and she sustained herniated discs. Despite years of physical therapy, her symptoms continued to worsen and the pain became intense. Our client underwent a spinal surgery known as a cervical fusion wherein the painful, damaged disc in her neck was removed and the vertebrae were fused together.

In the months leading up to trial, the parties agreed to attend mediation where the defendant agreed to pay our client $650,000 for her injuries.

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