$500,000 Recovery in NY Premises Accident Case

WRSMH attorney, Cliff Shapiro, obtained a $500,000 settlement for a 56 year-old gentleman who was working as a security guard on the night shift at a school. Our client was injured as he returned to the security booth after patrolling the area. As he was unlocking the security booth door, he was struck by a brick and knocked unconscious. When he came to, he saw broken bricks in front of the security booth.

A construction company was in the midst of performing brick work at the school. The construction company had packs of bricks about 6 ½ high which were covered with plastic and secured by loose bricks. The defendant construction company contended that the brick which struck the client was not one of the bricks from the construction site.

As a result of the accident, our client sustained a right frontal skull fracture, a subarachnoid hemorrhage, and a subdural hematoma. Shortly after the accident, the client returned to work as a cab driver.

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