WRSMH Attorney Tracy Kinneary negotiated a settlement of $3.75 Million for our 36-year-old client who was on his way to work as a Local 157 Union carpenter when he was rear-ended by a school bus. Our client continued to work full-time for one-year after the accident but eventually underwent a two-level lumbar fusion surgery. Following the surgery, our client had one month of physical therapy and then returned to work as a non-union Project Manager, earning a salary less than that of a union carpenter. At the time of mediation, defendants argued that our client’s back injury and resulting surgery was not causally related to the accident and that our client made a good recovery in that he could still work, hike recreationally, and ride his motorcycle on a regular basis. In negotiating the settlement, Tracy relied upon a strong diminution of earnings claim that we maximized by using a vocational expert and economist and a future medical care claim that we supported with a life care plan expert.

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