Motor Vehicle Rear-ended by Another Motor Vehicle

Clifford H. Shapiro recently obtained a $300,000 settlement for a woman who was involved in a motor vehicle accident. Our client contended that while she was stopped waiting to turn into a driveway she was hit in the rear by another car. The driver of that car contended that our client stopped short to make the turn in the middle of the road and also that she did not have her directional signal on. Despite his contention that our client was at fault for the accident we were able to persuade the Court in a motion that we were entitled to summary judgment on the issue of liability. The Court agreed and our motion was granted.

As a result of the accident our client sustained a tear of the rotator cuff in her right shoulder and was required to undergo arthroscopic surgery. The case settled for $300,000 after we rejected an offer of $75,000 at a mediation several months earlier.

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