After jury selection, Bill Hepner obtained a $275,000 settlement for plaintiff, who claimed she fell down a number of steps in defendant's office building. Plaintiff, a 68 year-old office worker, tripped as a result of a missing piece of tile on one of the steps.

Plaintiff was a very active woman who sustained injuries to her neck and back, as well as a tear in the rotator cuff of her shoulder. Moreover, she claimed a loss of balance as a result of hitting her head in the fall, which she alleged caused her to fall on subsequent occasions. One of those later falls resulted in a dislocation of her shoulder and exacerbation of the rotator cuff injury.

Although a judge had concluded early in the litigation that the case was worth no more than $25,000, sending it from Supreme to Civil Court in the County of New York, Bill convinced the defendant that the judge was mistaken and had incorrectly valued the case. Understanding the value of a case, based upon all of the facts and years of experience, allowed Bill to get the best possible result for our client.

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