Attorney William Hepner settled this case for $1.5 million for our client who fell when the ladder he was using to cover bookcases with plastic in an apartment undergoing construction fell to the ground. The apartment was part of a new construction of a high-rise building.

As a result of the fall, plaintiff sustained injuries to his lower back, sacrum, and knee. This resulted in a discectomy and sacral surgery as well as an arthroscopic surgery to his knee. The plaintiff had previously injured his lower back and knee and had undergone a prior knee surgery. He had testified about problems in these parts of his body due to a different accident a few months before this case. We got around this problem by arguing that although he had complained about those problems, he had been able to go back to work after the prior accident and had not had a back surgery. After this more recent injury however, he had to stop working and have surgery on the lumbar spine and the knee.

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