Dog Bite Victim New York

William Hepner obtained a $175,000.00 recovery for a dog bite victim in her late 20's after jury selection. Plaintiff contended that defendant's mixed-breed German Shepherd, Spike, jumped over her four foot high fence and bit her on the hand and leg before attacking her dog, Buddy, who was tied up. The dog had apparently attacked plaintiff's dog 7 months earlier.

The plaintiff contended that she suffered a bite to the ring finger on her dominant hand that required minor surgery consisting of a flexor tendon decompression as well as a debridement procedure. Plaintiff will suffer a very slight permanent restriction and occasional pain in the finger. She also sustained 2 puncture wounds in her leg which left an area of numbness.

Bill would have proved that the defendant's dog had vicious propensities and was repeatedly permitted to escape defendant's property. Defendant contended that plaintiff's dog provoked Spike, and that plaintiff got in between the two dogs, causing her injuries.

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