Wrongful Death - Passenger Struck By Under-Insured Motor Vehicle

WRSMH attorney Michael J. Fitzpatrick represented a decedent, a 78 year old retired male, who was involved in a motor vehicle accident as a passenger in his wife's vehicle. This vehicle was struck by an under-insured motor vehicle when it suddenly and unexpectedly made a left turn in front of the host vehicle, cutting off the vehicle and causing the accident.

As a result of this accident, decedent was caused to sustain severe and serious injuries which unfortunately caused him to endure 17 days of conscious pain and suffering and to ultimately expire from these injuries. The cause of death included traumatic left pneumothorax, requiring chest tube placement; multiple rib fractures, hand fractures and pubic rami deformity. Treatment included intubation, repair of right thumb avulsion and tracheostomy. The host driver tendered its $100,000 policy and the SUM carrier offered $175,000 of the available $200,000 to settle this matter for a total of $275,000.

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