Construction Worker Trips over Raised Piece of Masonite and Injures Knee

WRSMH attorney, Kenneth J. Halperin recently obtained a $600,000 dollar settlement for a 36 year old laborer who tripped and fell over a raised and unsecured piece of Masonite. The accident occurred when our client was in the process of walking to a different area of the worksite. As he was doing so, his foot came into contact with a curled and raised piece of Masonite that was not taped down as required. As a result, he fell to the ground directly impacting his knee.

We found a witness who testified that approximately thirty minutes before the plaintiff’s accident the witness directed the laborers who worked for the general contractor to tape down and secure the Masonite because he too almost tripped and fell. Despite the admonition to fix the problem, the laborers did nothing before the plaintiff tripped and fell.

As a result of the accident, the plaintiff required two arthroscopic procedures to his knee.

We were able to obtain this settlement because of our aggressive investigation immediately after the accident which enabled us to identify a witness that made liability insurmountable for the defendants.

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