Construction Site Accident

At mediation, WRSMH Attorney Michael Fitzpatrick was able to recover $300,000 for our client, a 40 year old construction worker who was injured at a construction site when she slipped on an adhesive that had been left on the floor of a corridor by the defendant. Discovery revealed that the adhesive had been left to dry overnight in preparation of laying a floor. Unfortunately, the area to which the adhesive was applied was not barricaded nor marked off with any warnings to any of the workers on the site.

Upon arriving the next morning to perform her job, the plaintiff slipped and twisted her knee as she walked through the corridor that contained the adhesive. The plaintiff left in an ambulance and began a course of treatment for her left knee. She returned to the job site within days of her injury with the intention of working, but was unable to because of her injury and the physically demanding nature of her job. She was diagnosed with a tear of the meniscus and was forced to undergo surgery to correct the tear. The matter settled at mediation for $300,000. The Workers Compensation carrier attended the mediation and agreed, as part of the settlement, to completely waive its lien.

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