Worksite Accident - Slip and Fall

WRSMH attorney, Clifford H. Shapiro, obtained a $500,000 recovery on behalf of a 41 year old carpenter, who was working on the 12th floor of a building in New York City at the time of his accident. The entire floor was gutted and there was garbage and debris everywhere. Our client slipped and fell on a loose piece of cable wire, which was left by the defendant electrical contractor. We contended that the defendants failed to properly clean the work site and provide adequate lighting of the area. The plaintiff and other employees had complained numerous times to the foreman of the defendant general contractor about garbage problems on the site, and about the poor lightening conditions.

The Plaintiff sustained nerve damage to his elbow, which required surgery. He was required to wear an elbow sleeve on his arm and sleep with a splint after the surgery. He had numbness running down his arm into his fingers.

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