Fall Injury - Premises Liability

WRSMH Of Counsel Brielle C. Goldfaden obtained a verdict for $110,400 on behalf of a 57 year old client from Michigan who was injured while vacationing in New York City. In 2007, while our client was walking out of an apartment building in Manhattan, the tiled floor beneath him suddenly shifted and tiles slipped out of place, causing him to twist his knee. As a result, our client suffered a right knee injury which required an arthroscopic surgery. Employed as a commercial bus operator, our client was out of work for four months.

At trial, the defendants claimed they were not responsible for the plaintiff's accident because they had no way of knowing that the tiles were loose and unsafe. They also claimed our client's story was fabricated. The jury disagreed, and found the building owner 100% at fault for our client's accident and awarded him $100,000 for his past pain and suffering. The parties stipulated that the plaintiff lost wages in the amount of $10,400.

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