Backyard Concrete Walkway Was Cracked and Broken

WRSMH Of Counsel, Brielle C. Goldfaden obtained a $150,000 settlement at mediation for a young man who tripped and fell on a backyard concrete walkway which was cracked and broken. The landlord failed to keep his property safe in that he didn’t regularly maintain or inspect the walkway and did not do any patch work or repairs to the walkway in the years before our client’s accident.

As a result of his fall, our client twisted his ankle and heard a pop. He went to the emergency room three days later where X-rays showed no broken bones and only soft tissue swelling. He later had an MRI which confirmed the presence of a partial tear of a ligament in his ankle. Despite six weeks of physical therapy, our client’s ankle remained instable and he had instances of the ankle giving out. Therefore, he underwent an arthroscopic surgery to remove loose fragments of the torn ligament.

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