Premises Liability - Faulty Stairs Injury

Our client, a 30 year-old single mother, was injured when a marble step broke and fell on her foot inside an apartment building in the Bronx. As a result of the step breaking and falling on her foot, she sustained injuries to her knee and lower back. The defendants contended that they had not noticed that the marble step had any problems prior to the accident. They hired an engineer who opined that there was no way the accident occurred, and that our client’s injuries were related to a basketball injury she had sustained years earlier.

Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP was able to find a witness who lived in the building who testified that on three or four prior occasions she complained to the super about the condition of the stairs. Additionally, the firm was able to defeat summary judgment by hiring an engineer who opined that the accident occurred exactly as our client testified. After defeating summary judgment, the case settled for $225,000 immediately prior to jury selection.

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