$1.45 Million Dollar Recovery During Trial

Motor Vehicle Accident - Pedestrian Knockdown

Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP settled the case of a 63 year old woman who was knocked down by a city bus. Our client was on disability at the time of the accident, suffering from systemic lupus which prevented her from working. She was crossing Avenue Z in Sheepshead Bay when a transit authority bus knocked her down as she was in the crosswalk, crossing with the green light. Eyewitnesses testified that our client did not look both ways before crossing the street. Our client suffered a subdural bleed in her brain when she struck the pavement. She suffered no fractures, and was immediately transported to Lutheran Medical Center where she stayed for two weeks. Surgery was not performed and the blood was allowed to be reabsorbed. She was transferred from Lutheran Medical Center to Sheepshead Bay Rehabilitation Center where she stayed for one month. After leaving the rehabilitation center, she ambulated with a cane and started treatment at Mt. Sinai Medical Center where she was diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury. Her doctors described her recovery as remarkable. She was left with difficulty in word finding, loss of sense of smell, diminished executive reasoning and diminished impulse control. She recovered most of her ability to take care of herself and her daily needs. During trial, the firm settled the case for $1,450,000.00.

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