Client Sustains Back & Shoulder Injuries Requiring Surgery

WRSMH attorney, Victor Goldblum recently obtained a $895,000.00 recovery for the passenger of a stationary car. The defendant, who was operating a tractor trailer, backed his vehicle into the driver's car that was lawfully stopped behind him. Our client, the plaintiff, was a front seat passenger in the car. As a result of the impact the plaintiff suffered injuries to her back and right shoulder, which required surgery. The defendants argued that all of the plaintiff's injuries were pre-existing. At the time of the accident our client was 51 years old. The defendant had $950,000.00 in insurance coverage. After being assigned to a trial judge, the defendant's attorneys initially offered $100,000.00 to settle the case. Victor Goldblum successfully negotiated the case and the matter settled for $895,000.00.

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