Vehicle Accident - Rear End Collision.

Our client, a 61 year old school teacher was involved in a low speed rear end collision on Dahill Road in Brooklyn. As a result of the impact, she sustained injuries to her neck and back as well as her shoulder, which required surgical intervention.

The defendants contended that the accident caused no damage to the vehicles, neither of which were towed from the scene, and our client's injuries were all consistent with age appropriate degenerative changes that could not have been caused by the accident. Additionally, our client had a prior and subsequent lawsuit, causing the defendants to contend that she would not be well received by a jury.

At a mediation, the defendants offered $225,000 which was refused. Thereafter, our firm obtained summary judgment on the issue of liability before depositions were taken because the collision was a “rear-end” accident, despite the minimal damage to either vehicle. The firm was able to settle the case for $362,500 before depositions were taken.

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