Fall Accident - Workplace Accident

The firm was able to obtain a settlement of $875,000 on behalf of our client, a 58-year-old man from Queens. The plaintiff was performing routine maintenance work on air conditioning units on a roof. As he was descending a fixed ladder from the roof back into the building, he fell from the top of the ladder, sustaining injuries to his neck and back. The owner of the building claimed that there was nothing wrong with the ladder and that it was in compliance with all applicable building codes and standards. The defense intended to call people from the scene of the accident who were going to testify that the plaintiff caused his own accident by carrying too much equipment on the ladder and he only fell off the last rung. Defense counsel also contended that all of plaintiff’s injuries were from a previous accident for which he had also brought a lawsuit. Despite these varying accounts, the firm took the case to trial, overcame the defense’s arguments, and successfully obtained a settlement in the amount of $875,000 during trial.

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