Lower Back Injuries in Car Accident

A $205,000 settlement obtained for 45-year-old homemaker who was rear-ended by another vehicle.

WRSMH was able to obtain a settlement of $205,000 on behalf of a 45-year-old homemaker from Staten Island. The woman was a passenger in a motor vehicle which was rear-ended while stopped at a traffic light. She did not seek immediate medical attention. As a result of the accident, our client suffered a re-aggravation of a pre-existing lumbar condition for which she had previously undergone multiple surgeries. Our office started suit against the offending driver and during the course of the litigation we were able to get the insurance company for this vehicle to tender their full liability policy limits. The firm then commenced an arbitration proceeding against our client's own motor vehicle insurance company in an attempt to collect supplementary under-insured motorist benefits on behalf of our client. At the conclusion of the arbitration proceeding, the firm was able to obtain an additional six-figure settlement from our client's own motor vehicle insurance company, bringing the total settlement of the case to $205,000, which was a major victory considering the client's multiple prior and subsequent accidents and pre-existing medical conditions.

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