Grocery Store Slip and Fall Accident - 86 Year Old Woman Suffers Hip Fracture

WRSMH Of Counsel Brielle C. Goldfaden obtained a settlement of $135,000 on behalf of an 86 year old woman from Long Island. Our client was leaving a grocery store in Great Neck, pushing a shopping cart, when a wheel of the cart became lodged in a hole on the sidewalk, causing the cart and our client to topple to the ground. As a result of the plaintiff's accident, she suffered a hip fracture. Although we were able to prove that the grocery store drilled the hole themselves and left it exposed, the grocery store claimed that the hole did not cause the plaintiff's fall, and claimed that she fell because she was old and frail.

After a week-long trial in Nassau County on liability, the jury found that the defendant grocery store was liable. Just prior to beginning the damages portion of the trial, Brielle was able to negotiate a settlement in the amount of $135,000 for our client's past and future pain and suffering.

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