Retired Maintenance Worker Caused to Fall Because of Poorly Maintained Garbage Disposal Area in Basement of Private Apartment Building

WRSMH was able to obtain a settlement in the amount of $200,000 on behalf of a seventy three year old retired maintenance worker from Spanish Harlem. The man was walking within the garbage disposal area in the basement of the private apartment building in which he rented a room when he was caused to slip and fall due the existence of an area of foreign substances and ice melting pellets left scattered across the floor of the darkened room. As a result of the accident, our client suffered a torn meniscus and other injuries to his knee which required surgery. The firm hired an investigator to interview fellow residents of the building and other potential witnesses and was able to prove that the condition which caused our client's accident was in existence for a significantly long period of time prior to the accident such that the defendant should have become aware of it and taken some type of remedial action to repair it, but that they failed to do so.

After extensive litigation, the case settled on the eve of trial for the amount of $200,000, in spite of the fact that our client had numerous pre existing health problems, was already permanent disability prior to the time of the accident, and had a very limited amount of future pain and suffering given his advanced age.

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