42-Year-Old Construction Rigger Falls Off Sidewalk Bridge

WRSMH attorney negotiated a $760,000 settlement for a 42-year-old construction rigger who fell through a sidewalk bridge suffering fractured vertebrae in his lower back and herniated discs in his neck. We sued the general contractor and the owner of the building under New York State Labor Law.

WRSMH attorney contended that the general contractor failed to provide our client with a safety harness and that his injuries were causally related to the failure to provide that safety equipment.

The defendants contended that our client was at fault because he was in the process of dismantling the sidewalk bridge and stepped onto an unsecured portion, which caused him to fall. They further contended that there was no place to which the safety harness could be secured. WRSMH attorney successfully obtained summary judgment on the issue of liability and the trial would have proceeded solely on the issue of damages, which was the impetus for the insurance carrier to settle this case.

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