Premises Liability - Injured from Falling Object

On May 6, 2011, during jury selection, a WRSMH lawyer settled a case for $325,000.  Our client was a 30 year old woman who claimed that she was permanently injured by falling ceiling debris which struck her as she was walking through the facility where she was employed. The management of the building was aware of at least three previous occasions when parts of the ceiling fell from the same area where our client was struck. The building management would try repairing the ceiling by using sheet rock screws to stick new tiles on the ceiling.

On the occasion when our client was struck, she became incoherent, fell off of her feet and had to be assisted by her supervisor to a chair. She immediately vomited as a result of the concussion she received. She was treated and released from the hospital emergency room where she was taken. We claimed that as a result of the accident, she suffered a injury which changed her personality. Our client was examined by a neuropsychologist who determined that she had suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of the falling ceiling debris.

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