Vehicle Accident - Crosswalk Pedestrian Injury

WRSMH obtained a verdict of $1,200,000 for a 48 year old woman who was struck by a van as she was crossing the street within the crosswalk. She suffered multiple fractures and contusions to her feet, a torn ankle ligament and lumbar herniation, which required surgical fusion.

Our client testified that as she began crossing at the light, she observed the defendant in the opposite direction, waiting at the intersection before turning left. After the light turned yellow, the defendant turned and was driving behind her when his van initially brushed against her back. When our client turned around, the van’s wheels ran over her feet causing her to fall. The defendant claimed that he did not see our client before impact, and that his van did not run over our client’s feet. The defendant further denied that the accident caused the claimed injuries, and maintained that they could well have been related to Lupus, with which the plaintiff had previously been diagnosed with. Through the testimony of medical experts and medical records, it was proven that our client’s injuries were a direct result of this incident which was compounded by the fact that she had no prior symptoms or treatment that would be consistent with the defendant’s contentions.

Conservative therapy was inadequate and our client required lumbar fusion surgery and she will require future lumbar spine surgery.

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