Construction Accident - Paralysis Injury

Bryce Moses’ client was an experienced contractor with his own construction business. During regular operations at a drainage pipe installation site, he went to measure the depth of the hole that had just been drilled. While standing three feet from the edge, the ground collapsed beneath him, sending him down the 35 foot hole. Because he had not been provided with proper safety precautions to prevent his fall, he broke his back and was paralyzed below the waist and now requires assistance for daily living.

Bryce filed suit against the company that dug the hole as well as the owners of the property. They argued that it was our client’s negligence that caused his injuries. The jury did not agree. Bryce successfully conveyed to the jury that the landowners were responsible for the accident and was able to obtain $4.27 million dollar recovery despite the fact there was only 4 Million Dollars in insurance coverage.

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