Hit by Driver Making a Left Turn at Intersection

A 39 year old woman was awarded $120,960 for a car accident that injured her back. At the time of the accident, our client was driving straight through an intersection when her car was hit by a driver making a left turn in front of her. As a result of the impact, the young mother of three children under the age of four, who was wearing her seatbelt at the time, suffered an injury to a disc in her lower spine. She underwent multiple epidural steroid injections and had a procedure done by a pain management doctor to the injured disc.

Even after the defendant admitted fault for the collision, the defendant refused to pay a fair compensation for our injured client.

WRSMH Of Counsel, Brielle C. Goldfaden, proceeded to trial and asked a jury to fairly compensate our client for her back injuries which were 100% the defendant’s fault. The jury returned a verdict in the plaintiff’s favor, finding that she suffered a significant limitation of use of her low back and awarding her $120,960 for her injuries.

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