WRSMH recently obtained an $850,000.00 settlement at mediation, for a 58-year-old client. The plaintiff was a musician who rented a gas generator for a concert he and his band were performing at an outdoor venue.

The plaintiff rented a portable gas generator to be utilized as a power source for his band. The day of the accident was hot and sunny. The plastic cover of the tank began to bubble and inflate. The plaintiff turned the gas cap to relieve the pressure and the cap shot up into the air followed by flames shooting out of the generator.

Immediately upon being retained for this case we sent out letters demanding that the generator be preserved. We also retained an expert engineer who examined the generator and was able to determine that the generator burst into flames due to the negligent manner in which it was maintained.

The plaintiff sustained burns to both legs and his right arm. He required skin grafting for the burns. Despite making a very good recovery the client still has scarring to his arm and legs, both at the location of the burns as well as the location where the skins grafts were taken from.

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