Bicyclist Knockdown

Trial Counsel Robert J. Bellinson recently won a difficult liability trial where our client was incarcerated right before the start of the trial. After selecting a Jury on Thursday January 23rd, we learned that our client was just incarcerated for an alleged probation violations and would not be released before September. When the Court refused our request for a postponement, Rob prepared an Order for the Judge to have our client produced and testify about the happening of the accident.

Although defense counsel made significant headway against our client's present incarceration, Rob was able to focus the Jury's attention on the evidence in the case, and asked the Jury to let the facts and circumstances of his arrest be decided by the appropriate Court at the appropriate time. After winning the liability portion of trial, the case settled for $135,000 which was $100,000 more than the Trial Judge had previously recommended.

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