Injured Child Recovers $375,000 for Serious Hip Injuries

Robert J. Bellinson, recently obtained a $375,000.00 recovery for a child injured in a schoolyard accident. Our client was a 10 year old child attending gym class, when he was inadvertently pushed into another student, who then chased after him and pushed him to the ground. The sole teacher for the class was taking group photos of the kids and did not stop the forty second chase or prevent the other child from pushing our client to the ground.

We alleged inadequate supervision and retained a liability expert to explain the defendant's negligence to the jury. The child, who was 10 years old on the date of the accident, suffered a dislocated hip and ultimately underwent surgical procedures on his left hip. Further, the child suffered from Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis, which is a congenital condition in which the femoral head slips out of the ball socket where the hip attaches. We successfully argued that this condition made him more susceptible to such an injury and did not relieve defendants from the consequences of their negligent supervision.

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