34 Year Old Injured

WRSMH attorney obtained a $408,000 verdict for a 34 year old woman who was involved in an automobile accident. She was a passenger in a livery vehicle hired by her employer to transport her to work.

While traveling southbound on the FDR Drive, the livery vehicle was involved in a collision with several other vehicles. As a result of the impact, our client was thrown forward, hitting her head on the back of the headrest in front of her, suffering a herniated disc in her neck at the C5-6 level.

During the trial, the defendants argued that the herniated disc was pre-existing and even if it was not, it was caused by our client’s failure to wear a seatbelt. WRSMH attorney was able to prove, through the use of the client’s MRI films and expert testimony, that the herniated disc was directly caused by the frontal-impact and could not have been prevented by wearing a seatbelt. The defendants never made any offer of settlement prior to this eight day trial.

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