Negligent Administration of Corticosteroids - Malpractice

At a mediation, Jason Rubin settled a medical malpractice case for $835,000.00 involving a young man who suffered severe complications from a negligent administration of corticosteroids. Plaintiff sought care from the defendant internist for complaints of cough and congestion. The doctor prescribed multiple medications, including a corticosteroid known as methylprednisolone for a period of one month. Plaintiff suffered multiple side effects while on the corticosteroids, including weight gain, hair loss, and cushingoid facies. Plaintiff was later diagnosed with bilateral cataracts and avascular necrosis of the hips, both secondary to the corticosteroid use. He was required to undergo a bilateral cataract extraction and a total hip replacement.

We claimed that the doctor was negligent in using corticosteroids to treat a benign upper respiratory infection and that the dosage and duration of the corticosteroids used was excessive.

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