Automobile Accident - $550,000 Recovery

Our client, a 53 year old electrician, was involved a motor vehicle accident on his way to work. As a result of the accident, the vehicle was totaled and he suffered a torn ACL which required surgery.

The defendants contended that our client ran a red light causing the collision. Furthermore, that our client’s first complaint of knee pain was not until two weeks after the motor vehicle accident and the defendant’s expert doctor opined that the injuries were pre-existing and long standing due to our client’s work and exercise routine. Our client’s physician found that he had a full range of motion in his knee only one month after the surgery, so that he did not suffer a permanent injury.

Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP handled the case from inception to settlement. During the investigation of the matter, the firm was able to locate a witness to the accident who later testified at a deposition that our client had a green light and the defendant ran the red light. The firm was able to elicit damaging testimony from the defendant that he was at the end of his overnight shift at the time of the accident. Finally, despite the fact that his own physician found a full range of motion in our client’s knee only one month after the accident, we retained an expert physician who opined as to our client’s need for a knee replacement in the future. The case settled before trial for $550,000.

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