T-Bone Intersection Car Accident

Our client, a four year old at the time of the incident, was a rear seat passenger secured in a car seat when the vehicle in which he was travelling was impacted and T-boned at an intersection in Astoria, Queens.

The impact by the defendant's vehicle caused our client's vehicle to flip onto its roof. Our client sustained facial lacerations when the window of the car door next to which he was seated shattered, propelling glass fragments into his face. The child was transported by ambulance and was treated at a local emergency room, and then by a plastic surgeon periodically over the next four years. Our client's wounds healed remarkably well, with the exception of a scar that traversed his eyebrow.

The matter proceeded to trial in Nassau Supreme Court. Jury selection took four days. Following our client's opening statement, the matter was settled at trial by Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP attorney Michael Fitzpatrick for $130,000.

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