Wrongful Death - $1,450,000 Recovery during Trial

On April 19th, WRSMH attorney recently settled an extremely complicated case of liability during trial in the amount of $1,450,000. The case was against a Long Island trucking company, hospital and surgeon for the pain and suffering and death of a 48 year old father. The case started when our client, who was stopped at a red light, was rear ended by the defendant trucking company's motor vehicle. Both cars suffered damage but were both able to drive away.

Later that day, our client went to a small store front medical office and was given pain medication and was sent home. With the pain continuing, he went to a chiropractor and for the next eleven months continued to see several doctors for neck, back and knee pain. Eventually our client underwent knee surgery for a torn medial meniscus. With his neck pain unabating, he eventually consented to cervical disc surgery to treat herniated discs in his neck. Unfortunately, after surgery, he developed a complication of the surgery, an expanding hematoma in his neck. The surgeon and hospital failed to timely intubate him and he quickly went into cardiac arrest having little pain and suffering. He died shortly thereafter never regaining consciousness. He was making $26,000 a year working in an auto glass shop. He left behind a wife and a fourteen year old daughter from a previous marriage.

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