Health Care Worker Slips and Falls Due to Leaky Plumbing

WRSMH was able to obtain a settlement of $500,000 on behalf of a 38 year old health care worker from the Bronx. The woman was walking within the kitchen of an apartment where she used to live, when she was caused to slip and fall to the ground due to a puddle of water on the floor, causing her to sustain a very serious injury to her right knee.

Our office brought an action against the owner of the building. We were able to prove that the accident occurred solely as a result of negligence in the way that the kitchen plumbing and its components were maintained by the defendant, resulting in a long standing continuous leak. Although the client had practically no formal medical treatment once she was discharged from the hospital, the firm was able to prove that the injury was nonetheless serious, significant and permanent.

The case then proceeded to trial. During the middle of the trial, the firm was able to negotiate a settlement in the amount of $500,000 for our client's past and future pain and suffering.

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