Bronx Legal Secretary Struck While Crossing the Street

A $500,000 settlement obtained for pedestrian who was struck by U.S. government vehicle.

WRSMH was able to obtain a settlement in the amount of $500,000 on behalf of a fifty-four year old legal secretary from the Bronx. The woman was crossing a local street when a United States government owned vehicle operated by a Marine Corps officer on a local recruiting mission rolled forward into the crosswalk and struck our client, knocking her to the ground. As a result of the accident, our client suffered injuries to her lower back, right knee and right wrist which required hospitalization but fortunately she made an excellent recovery and was able to return to work several months after the accident.

The firm hired a private investigator to canvas the area and locate an independent eye witness who was not listed on the official police report but who corroborated our client's version of the accident and verified that it was the defendant who caused the collision. The firm filed suit against the government in the Federal Court system pursuant to the Federal Tort Claims Act. The firm also utilized several medical and damages experts to bolster our client's claims and help demonstrate the significance of our client's injuries. After extensive litigation and numerous depositions, the firm engaged the Government in motion practice which ultimately led to a settlement which was very favorable for our client and resulted in a total recovery of $500,000.

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