WRSMH Attorney Carmine Goncalves obtained a $2,740,000 settlement for a 35-year-old union construction worker who tripped and fell over uninstalled electrical pipes while exiting an elevator.

Carmine had evidence to prove at trial that the plaintiff suffered injuries to his knees, shoulders, neck and back as a result of the accident. He required back surgery and a cervical spine fusion. Although plaintiff had been injured in a car accident years earlier, Carmine was able to present medical proof distinguishing the old injuries from those related to this event, countering defendant’s examining physicians opinions that the injuries alleged in this case preexisted the accident.

Given the clear liability of the defendants in failure to provide plaintiff an unobstructed path, Carmine was able to obtain a finding of negligence as against the defendants. The matter settled at a private mediation on the eve of trial.

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