Client Rear Ended by an Electrical Contractor Truck

Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP attorney settled the case of our client being rear ended by an electrical contractor truck on the Van Wyck expressway. At the time of the accident, our client was driving her Honda Accord in stop and go traffic and when she came to a stop, she was rear ended by a truck owned by the defendant traveling at around ten miles per hour. There was little property damage to the rear of our client's motor vehicle. Later that day, our client went to a local hospital for back pain. After taking pain medication and muscle relaxers for a month, she finally went to physical therapy. During physical therapy, she went for an MRI which showed two herniated discs in her lower back. Physical therapy did not help and she opted for injections of pain medication directly into her lower back. The injections worked for some time in alleviating her lower back pain. Two years later the pain returned and she then opted for lower back fusion surgery.

The defendants argued there was insufficient damage to her car to show she was injured by the collision. They also argued that our client had a good result from the surgery as evidenced by the surveillance tapes showing her ability to walk without trouble, shop all day, wear four inch heels and attend Zumba classes at Lucille Roberts. The defendants also argued our client was not believable because of her past arrests and felony conviction for shopping lifting and credit card fraud. The case was settled for $750,000.

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