Bus Accident - Intersection Accident

Robert Bellinson and another WRSMH attorney were able to obtain a verdict in the amount of $2,430,000 on behalf of a 25 year old nursing student from the Bronx. Our client was simply stopped in traffic at an intersection in the Bronx when a New York City Transit Authority bus came up from behind her and struck her vehicle from behind, propelling her vehicle across the intersection. Unfortunately our client suffered injuries to her lower back which required her to undergo final fusion surgery. The firm moved to determine that the defendant was 100% responsible for the collision. The judge agreed with our motion and ruled in our favor, even though the bus driver testified that the collision was caused by the weather and roadway surface conditions.

Robert then took the case to trial. Prior to that point, the defendants had taken the position that our client’s damages were minimal and they refused to make a settlement offer. Robert conducted tried the case on the issue of damages, which was fiercely contested by the defendants and by the doctors which they had hired to examine our client and testify in Court against us. At the conclusion of the trial, the jury found in our favor and awarded our client the total sum of $2,430,000 for her damages.

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