Medical Malpractice

Cliff Shapiro settled a medical malpractice case involving the failure to properly treat osteomyelitis (bone infection) following surgery to treat a hip fracture.

Plaintiff, an elderly gentleman, sustained a fractured hip when he was hit by an automobile while riding a bicycle. He underwent an open reduction with internal fixation and, postoperatively, developed an infection with abscesses. Defendants failed to adequately treat the infection, which resulted in a non-union of the fracture and, ultimately, the need for a hip replacement.

Although we were originally retained by the Plaintiff for injuries sustained in the bicycle knockdown, when we learned of the infection which resulted in the non-union of the fracture and the ultimate hip replacement, we thoroughly reviewed his medical records and advised him that we thought he had a viable claim for medical malpractice. He then retained us to represent him in that regard.

In addition to the $500,000.00 we recovered for plaintiff in the medical malpractice action, we also settled the underlying automobile accident case for an additional $100,000.00, which was the extent of the insurance policy limits.

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