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I want to say, thank you for being so patient, encouraging, an ear to listen too and your professionalism in all aspects, I also met new wonderful people who didn't just work so hard for me, but their personalities were so comforting in a time of sadness, and the why me moments. I thank all of MY DREAM TEAM. ALL OF YOU MADE A DREAM A REALITY, AND FOR THAT I SEND MY BLESSINGS TO ALL. THANK YOU.



I want to thank you both, along with the entire team of Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro and Halperin, for every minute dedicated to my case in the last 2 years. Thank you all for a job well done! Your attention to detail along the way, coupled with your amazing support staff within every step of this endeavor has been a pleasure. Your team has always come to my aid, offered support and dealt with my concerns quickly and professionally. I'm pleased with our outcome today and the overall experience with your team. I thank you all and you can be sure that a recommendation will always be served proudly on your behalf from me.

Thank you again.

Good morning Joseph,

I wanted to thank you for all of your hard and diligent work. My family and I are truly grateful. I have received and deposited the settlement check. I wish you nothing but continued success. WRSH is lucky to have such a great person on their staff and I was blessed to have you represent me. I know that my long term health will never be the same and that I will always have some lingering pains due to this accident. But I'm glad that with your help/hard work I will at least be able to live a bit more comfortably. It has truly been a pleasure, Thank you!


I would like to take this time to thank the gentlemen and ladies of the firm involved in handling the settlement for my Mom especially Kathleen Kettles and Kathleen Bartollotti who constantly kept me informed of all proceedings. I know it will never replace my Mom or bring her back but I feel as though justice was served. Thank you all very much with great appreciation for all you did.

The V. and R. Families


I wanted to express my gratitude to Kathleen Kettles who recently finalized a settlement for me after a long lengthy process. She did a great job, kept me in the loop the whole time, had explained our position to me over and over and tried to keep me calm when I would become over emotional. She ensured that the settlement I received was very appropriate and reasonable and I am pleased with her performance throughout the case.

K. T.

Hi Mike,

Stuart and I really appreciate your very informative email regarding my case. We hope you realize that we feel fortunate to have you for our attorney. In our opinion, we could not have found a better one. We have thanked our daughter over and over for leading us to your law firm and to you. Thank you for all of your hard work on our behalf.

-Thanks again,
Kathy P.

I was 29 years old and things were not looking good for me as my back was severely injured from a construction accident. I was facing a life with a marked physical disability and unable to work, but things changed for the better the moment I called Ken Halperin. I knew then it was going to be alright as Ken was my relentless advocate every step of the way with his cool and calm personality. Ultimately we won a settlement that gave me financial security and a new beginning. I can't thank Ken and everyone from Wingate Russotti and Shapiro enough because without all their hard work this settlement would have never gotten done.

-Daniel L.

Ken Halperin and his legal team have gone above and beyond expectations representing me in my personal injury case. From beginning to end, Ken's consistent commitment and personal attention gave me the confidence to know that I was in good hands.

I wholeheartedly recommend Wingate, Rusotti and Shapiro to anyone who is in need of first class personal injury legal representation.


Mr. Russotti, I just had to let you know that all of jurors on the L & J.D. case throught you did a wonderful job. We also felt the judge was not fair with you, but you kept your cool for most of the time. Your expert witnesses were the best, some to long winded and one who thought he was a comedian. It was also very nice that the judge, all the lawyers and the D.'s came and spoke to us, it helped in understanding some things. Talking to the D.'s was very rewarding to hear what sweet people they are and knowing that they are such caring parents. you and your firm deserve all the credit for the outcome of this case. This surely was an education to us, not only on the medical side but also the legal side. We are sure you find winning a case like this very rewarding. We are also sure the D.'s could not have picked a better for J. Again best of luck in your future, and please relay to the D.'s we will always be thinking of them.

many of the jurors

Dear Phil,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you properly for you extraordinary efforts and special treatment on my behalf. When you informed me of the Appellate Court's decision, I was completely stunned and did not verbally convey to you my deepest gratitude.

I fully understand that the Court's decision is based on the inability to prove a structural defect in the ladder, at the same time; I want to assure you that I am steadfast in my conviction that the ladder gave way through no fault of my own.

From the onset of this process, wonderful Bill Hepner and your entire staff welcomed me and made me comfortable through every phase. My initial reluctance in initiating this law suit was quelled by their professionalism, guidance and genuine concern.

Please extend to them my sincerest thanks. I shall never forget the kindnesses you extended toward my Husband, E. and myself. We truly appreciate your efforts on our behalf and will always treasure your friendship.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Dear Cliff:

I am in grateful receipt of the settlement check for the suit regarding my accident of early last year.

Equally gratifying is the knowledge that the sidewalk on which I tripped was satisfactorily repaired, thus eliminating the likelihood that in time someone else would have been injured with more devastating effects. I walk past there twice a week on my way to work and mentally celebrate the fact that right was done - to borrow the words of Terence Rattigan's wonderful play, The Winslow Boy.

Thank you so much for your good efforts to ensure that right would be done!

With best regards,

Dear Phil,

I can't tell you how good it feels to have you in our corner, Litigation Man.


Dear Phil,

Many thanks from G. and his family for all you have done for us, the research, the long hours, the time away from home and the traveling interstate to win this case.

You researched continually up until that last day.

Your presentation and your knowledge, your ability to let the jury understand this case was outstanding.

Because of you Phil, G. and his family will live a much better life and justice was served.

Phil, the jury loved you and so do we.

G., V., T., and E.

P.S. - A quote from G. ... YEAH!!!

Dear Mr. Russotti,

I just wanted to say thanks to you and your team for everything you've done. You've made this one of the best years of my life. Thanks again. Merry Christmas.


Phil & Staff,

I cannot thank you enough for your hard work & dilligence in my case! D. iiving a much better quality of life! We are able to get him all of the therapy he needs! All of the equiptment & services he deserves! HE also enjoyed his pool all summer long. I think you & your staff forom the bottom of our heart. your willingness to take our case has changed D.s life. We can smile knowing what happened wasn't forgotten! And he will live his life comfortable, healthy & happy!

The P. Family

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