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What Are Some Causes of Workplace Head Injuries?

On the job injuries can happen to anyone at anytime. No matter how carefully one does his job or how diligently he follows the Occupational Safety Rules of the company, being injured on the job can still happen.

Some causes of on the job head injuries has been identified as:

  • Untrained, irresponsible, inattentive or careless workers
  • Unsafe working conditions or on-the-job hazards
  • Loose or slippery flooring
  • Falling debris
  • Unsecured or unlocked height hazards
  • Unsafe or malfunctioning equipment or improper use of equipment
  • Failure of employer to enforce safety standards

Types of Head Injuries

Several types or classifications of head injuries include:

Traumatic brain injuries, or closed head injuries, are often associated by some to severely brain damaged people in a vegetative state. This is not always the case. More common and often ignored or unnoticed are mild traumatic brain injuries. These injuries do not always present outward symptoms and are more difficult to prove.

Consequences of Mild Brain Trauma

Issues common with mild traumatic brain injury victims include:

  • Mild seizures
  • Diminished concentration; inability to complete daily tasks
  • Hearing and balance disorders
  • Cognitive fatigue; unusually frequent malaise, tiredness or sluggishness
  • Concussions
  • Personality changes; impulsive behavior, changes in behavior
  • Short term memory loss; confusion and difficulty remembering recent events
  • Impaired perception; alterations in speech
  • Severe head aches; nausea and dizziness
  • Lack of standard motor function on one side of the body
  • Coma

Reporting Workplace Injuries in New York

An injured worker should give a written report of any work related accident to the employer within 30 days. The scope and severity of a head injury is not always obvious at the beginning. It is important to consult an experienced medical doctor and get a skilled New York on the job head injury lawyer to be sure that you will get all the compensation you deserve.

Insurers and employers often contact injured workers for a statement about their accident. Get a New York workplace head injury attorney to provide protection and guidance in dealing with requests for affidavits, medical record releases, additional medical examinations and other delayed responses.

The on the job head injury that you suffered may entitle you to damages beyond worker's compensation benefits. Third parties such as sub contractors or equipment manufacturers may have responsibility for the accident. New York on the job head injury attorneys will be able to recover more damages for you and in your behalf.

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