Why Medical Attention Is So Important After a Slip-and-Fall

By WRSMH on January 30, 2024

A well dressed man slipping over a white extension cord on the ground.

Slip-and-fall accidents occur when individuals lose their footing and fall, often due to hazardous conditions. These accidents are prevalent and constitute a leading cause of personal injuries, especially in public places and private properties.

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How Bad Weather Conditions Can Impact NYC Pedestrian Safety

By WRSMH on January 20, 2024

A blurry windshield with raindrops on it.

Pedestrian accidents in New York City are, unfortunately, common, given the bustling streets and high foot traffic. One often overlooked contributing factor to these accidents is weather. Adverse weather conditions can significantly increase the risk of injury to pedestrians, highlighting the need for increased awareness and caution among both pedestrians and drivers.

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How To Identify and Address a Daycare Negligence Injury

By WRSMH on January 10, 2024

A woman sitting around a table playing with three small children.

Daycare safety is a primary concern for parents who entrust the well-being of their children to a  daycare center. While daycare providers are expected to uphold rigorous safety standards, instances of negligence can seriously harm children under their care.

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Proving Negligence After Construction Site Slip-and-Falls

By WRSMH on December 30, 2023

Two construction workers wearing safety vest and hard hats on a construction site. One is on the ground injured and the other is attending to him.

Construction sites are inherently hazardous environments, and slip-and-fall incidents are unfortunately common. These accidents often have profound consequences, including serious injuries, some of which may require surgery and an extensive recovery period. When a slip-and-fall accident occurs, it’s essential to understand the elements of negligence to hold responsible parties accountable and seek compensation for damages.

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The Most Commonly Harmful Defective Products

By WRSMH on December 20, 2023

A deployed airbag in a car steering wheel.

Product liability is a major aspect of consumer safety, as it emphasizes the responsibility of manufacturers to ensure that their products are safe for public use. When manufacturers fail in this duty, consumers can suffer severe injuries, leading to legal consequences for the responsible parties. This blog explores some of the most commonly harmful defective products across various categories and provides insight into seeking legal recourse for those affected.

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Buses and Pedestrians in New York City

By WRSMH on December 10, 2023

A blue city bus and a pedestrian moving in a blur.

Accidents involving pedestrians and New York City buses are unfortunately common due to the city’s dense traffic, frequent stops, and a high volume of pedestrians. The sheer number of buses navigating crowded streets increases the likelihood of accidents, often involving pedestrians or other vehicles. It’s important for victims navigating the legal landscape of pursuing an injury claim or lawsuit to understand the causes of such accidents, unique considerations for school-bus-related incidents, legal implications, and avenues for seeking compensation.

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Building Codes and Premises Liability in New York City

By WRSMH on November 30, 2023

A man wearing a yellow hardhat and holding a clipboard does an inspection of a building.

In the busy environment of New York City, resident safety is always a concern. One crucial aspect that ensures the well-being of individuals within the city is adherence to building codes. These codes serve as a safeguard, outlining the necessary standards for construction and maintenance to prevent accidents and injuries.

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Lawsuits Concerning Construction Site Fires and Explosions

By WRSMH on November 15, 2023

A construction worker putting out a fire at a construction site.

Construction site fires and explosions, though less frequent than other accidents, can have devastating consequences. The combination of heavy machinery, electrical systems, and various materials makes these incidents particularly hazardous.

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Construction Site Injuries: The Importance of Documentation

By WRSMH on October 30, 2023

Man wearing a safety vest. He is holding his knee with his hands in pain as he lays on his back. His hard hat is on the floor next to him.

A construction site accident that causes catastrophic injuries can turn your whole life upside down. These accidents may involve falls, chemical exposure, collapsed ceilings, falling objects, lacerations caused by power tools, and other severe injuries.

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Psychological Injuries in Construction Accident Lawsuits

By WRSMH on October 20, 2023

Man sitting with his knees to his chest and his head in his hand in despair. Black and white image.

A construction accident can have a devastating impact on your life. You may be suffering serious injuries that require a long period of recovery, and if you have experienced a catastrophic injury, it might prevent you from ever returning to work. This will put a major strain on your life.

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