What’s the “July Effect” in medicine?

Each year in July, hospitals and other medical centers receive an influx of new interns fresh out of medical school. With the addition of inexperienced doctors and interns at each facility, there is a perceived risk of medical errors that result in inferior care.

It’s mostly a myth.

Still, malpractice can occur at any time of year in New York, so you should always be aware of the quality of your treatment.

Realities of the July Effect

The perceived “July Effect” makes sense. It seems reasonable to think that, as untrained interns fresh out of school enter hospitals in July, there could be an increase in accidents and medical mistakes. In reality, however, there is little to no real evidence to support this idea. Numerous studies and research have shown that there is no demonstrable increase in medical mistakes resulting in illness or injury in July.

How Teaching Hospitals Respond

As media coverage of the “July Effect” has increased and public concern has grown, teaching hospitals and facilities have taken greater care to make sure patients receive proper treatment. Accrediting organizations that oversee teaching hospitals have put policies into place meant to ensure that new interns are monitored by experienced staff, and trained to prevent accidents or mistakes.

While there may be more inexperienced personnel at teaching hospitals in July, there are also many experienced staff members overseeing their training, providing guidance, and providing additional care to patients.

Do I Have a Malpractice Case?

The strength of any malpractice case rests on your ability to show that negligence occurred and that it was responsible for your injury. That’s what makes the hospital liable.

The details of your particular situation greatly impact how strong your case is. Demonstrating negligence in a malpractice case is very difficult and requires a knowledgeable legal staff to research. Linking that negligence to an injury (proving liability) is equally difficult and this is why you should never try to handle a malpractice suit on your own.

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