Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP (WRSMH), a premier personal injury and medical malpractice firm in New York, NY, is delighted to announce that Andrea Borden, Douglas Milch, Noah Katz, and David Hoffman have all been elevated to name partners in the firm. WRSMH is one of the largest and most highly esteemed personal injury and medical malpractice law firms in the New York area, with a team of 36 dedicated plaintiff attorneys.

Andrea Borden was a senior trial attorney in New York before joining WRSMH. She has over ten years of experience in personal injury cases, including medical malpractice, premises liability, municipal liability, and wrongful death. She is a fierce litigator who has appeared before state and federal judges in New York City.

Since joining WRSMH, Andrea continues to excel as a trial attorney. She was recognized for her many accomplishments by The Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch, 2022 edition. This distinction is based entirely upon peer review, so it is a clear indication that Andrea has impressed leading personal injury attorneys in the New York area with her dedication, professionalism, and keen understanding of complex legal issues.

In a particularly notable case, Andrea won a $6.2 million dollar settlement for a woman who suffered serious injuries due to a traffic accident in a New York City intersection. The police report found both parties at fault and the defendant tried to argue that the injuries the victim suffered in the accident were the result of her age, but Andrea was able to convince the jury to award her client just compensation for the pain and suffering she withstood.

Andrea’s skills, determination, and controlled courtroom demeanor make her a true asset to WRSMH. In fact, at the time of writing, she has secured more than $10 million in settlements. Here’s how Andrea sums up her approach to her job: “As a trial lawyer, from the moment a new client walks in the door, I am thinking about how I can maximize the value of their case from a trial perspective.”

Since Douglas Milch joined the WRSMH in 2015, he has used his considerable legal talents to litigate a number of substantial personal injury cases for our clients. These judgments provide just compensation for people who have been seriously harmed due to the negligence and malfeasance of others. In a larger sense, however, the work Douglas does on behalf his clients also improves the lives of millions of people living throughout the greater New York area by putting rich and powerful interests on notice that they will not be able to exploit others without paying a price.

Douglas began his career representing major corporations in various industries, where he helped them protect their assets and safeguard their business practices. He also defended these companies against litigation. At WRSMH, Douglas uses his skills to protect everyday citizens from harm. He has obtained large settlements in court and through negotiation for various clients, including drivers and passengers in automobile accidents and construction workers who were injured on the job due to unsafe conditions.

Douglas is widely respected for his talent, compassion, and legal acuity throughout the New York Area, especially by his peers in the legal community. That’s why he was selected to the list of Super Lawyers as a Top Rated Personal Injury Lawyer in New York. In the end, it’s all about helping others. Douglas says: “There is nothing more satisfying then winning a case and getting my clients the compensation they deserve.”

Noah Katz spent 10 years working for a prestigious New York law firm, representing businesses and insurance companies before coming to WRSMH, which gives him unique insight in how the litigation process functions. Noah uses his piercing intellect and extensive legal background to aggressively pursue personal injury claims on behalf of his clients. Noah brings a bevy of talents to the table, earning the trust of everyone he meets. New clients quickly sense that Noah has a sharp legal mind and deep compassion for his clients. Noah’s peers also respect his legal acumen, which is why he was recognized in the list of Super Lawyers in New York.

Noah will always listen to a client with care, and he takes each individual situation to heart. Then, he fights tooth and nail for justice. Noah’s many legal victories have helped people from all walks of life who suffered grievous injuries at the hands of another. Parents, construction workers, motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists have all received compensation for their pain and suffering due to Noah’s tireless efforts on their behalf.

Noah resides in New Jersey with his wife and two sons. He promotes his community through active involvement in local organizations. Noah is earnestly focused on helping people. As he puts it, “I work tirelessly to make sure my clients get the kind of lawyer, representation, and award they deserve.”

David Hoffman practiced law in New York City for 26 years before joining WRSMH in 2016. He quickly used his estimable skills to secure over $35 million in settlements for our clients. David’s primary areas of specialization include construction and labor law, motor vehicle accidents, and premises-related lawsuits.

Over the course of his stellar career, David has achieved the following distinctions:

• Chairman of Tort Litigation Committee: New York City Bar Association
• Named to the 2021 list of Super Lawyers in New York
• Top Verdict’s 2019 Top Settlement List
• Sustaining Member: State Trial Lawyers Association
• Sustaining Member: American Association for Justice
• Member: Jewish Lawyer’s Guild
• Top Verdict’s Top 50 Settlements for 2018

David resides on Long Island with his wife and two sons. His personal motto is: “I will never stop fighting for my clients.”

By nurturing and promoting the finest legal talent in New York City, we at Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP, will continue to lead in the personal injury and medical malpractice arena for years to come, continuing our tradition of fighting to get people the compensation they deserve when they have been wronged.

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