Driving in New York around the holidays can be a treacherous proposition. Not only are the roads often icy and slushy, but other drivers can be more likely to make mistakes and lose focus due to long hours of shopping or work. Slowing down, being mindful of other people, and driving defensively can help protect you from the mistakes of other drivers and also make sure you do not commit lapses of judgment of your own.
One of the biggest things to be aware of when driving in winter in New York is hazardous road conditions due to weather. This includes not just snow and ice but also rain on warmer days. Once snow comes down, roads can become very dangerous due to loss of traction. It is important to slow down and drive at a speed that lets you maintain control of your vehicle. During heavy snow, you can experience white-out conditions that make visibility almost impossible. Drive slowly and make sure your hazard lights are on so that other drivers can more easily see you.

Snow and slush on the roads can make conditions slippery, but ice is even more dangerous. While salting and other local procedures can help alleviate some icy and snow on streets, you should always be ready for situations in which you might be driving before a road has been adequately plowed and salted or cindered. Watch for areas in shadow, as these often become icy, especially underpasses and areas with a lot of trees. If you do not feel comfortable driving in wintery conditions, consider contacting a professional driving instructor to help teach you better winter weather driving techniques and practice controlling a skid with such a professional.

While winter weather brings plenty of hazards, other drivers also present you with dangerous situations. Be sure to pay attention to what other drivers are doing and drive defensively, so that you can handle anything that happens. Give other drivers plenty of space on roads, especially when snow or ice are present, and watch for erratic behavior. Other drivers might be tired or stressed out due to the holidays, so make sure you are aware of what happens around you, including those driving behind your vehicle.

Even if you take every precaution to protect yourself while driving, collisions can still occur. If you or someone you know has been hit by another driver who did not properly control his or her vehicle, then call a New York car accident attorney at Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, LLP today at (212) 986-7353 to talk about your case and discuss your options.

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